Vietnam GPU Dedicated Server

A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a single-chip processor primarily used to manage and boost the performance of video and graphics.

Our GPU dedicated servers deliver high performance for Android Emulator, Artificial Intelligence, gaming, machine learning, MMO, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok Stream...

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Vietnam GPU Dedicated Server

Included in all GPU Servers

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GPU Selection
Select the right GPU for your use case and workload. Servers are configurable for your specific speed and size needs.
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Flexible Configuration
Our Dedicated GPU servers are configurable to your specific needs.
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Best Buy GPU Servers
High performance with GPU acceleration does not have to mean high price. We offer affordable options with a strong price/performance ratio.
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High Availability
High bandwidth connectivity options combined with a redundant low latency network results in high availability of your GPU processed data and graphics.
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Examples of servers
  • Server: Dell, HP, H3C, Supermicro.
  • CPU: Intel Xeon Gold, AMD EPYC.
  • Disk: NVMe
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Examples of GPU
  • Professional GPU cards: NVIDIA RTX A4000 / A5000 / A6000...
  • Game GPU cards: RTX 3060->3090 / RTX 4060->4090...



Monthly Onetime

Disk SSD Enterprise 480GB 2.5″ 6Gbs

$10 $80

Disk SSD Enterprise 960GB 2.5″ 6Gbs

$20 $160

Disk SAS Enterprise SSD 1.6TB 2.5″ 12Gbs

$30 $240

Disk SAS Enterprise SSD 3.8TB 2.5″ 12Gbs

$50 $400

Disk NVMe Enterprise SSD 1.6TB U2

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Disk NVMe Enterprise SSD 3.2TB U2

$60 $480

16GB Ram DDR3

$6 $48

16GB Ram DDR4

$8 $64

/29 subnet IPv4 (5 IP Addresses)


/28 subnet IPv4 (13 IP Addresses)


/27 subnet IPv4 (29 IP Addresses)


/26 subnet IPv4 (61 IP Addresses)


/25 subnet IPv4 (125 IP Addresses)


/24 subnet IPv4 (253 IP Addresses)


/64 subnet IPv6

Free Free

1Gbps Unmetered bandwidth


10Gbps Unmetered bandwidth



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